Richa Agarwal
The world knows this man as a consultant oncosurgeon with vast experience in Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic cancers,who specializes in stapled anastomosis for bowel cancers and sphincter saving resections for rectal cancers. In short, he is the person to be contacted for all kinds of cancer related cases.

Let me introduce you to Dr Deepak Chhabra— an efficient doctor, an insightful guide, an experienced consultant, and a helpful friend, all rolled into one. For me and my family, he has been an angel in human guise, a savior of sorts— the one who gave us a reason to smile and a ray of hopewhen all doors seemed to close one after the other.
In 2009, my mother became terminally ill as she was diagnosed having metastatic colorectal carcinomawith multiple mets+lymphnodal metastatis. When other renowned doctors gave their final verdict and a counting of less than 90 days for my mother’s remaining lifespan, it w as this man who renewed our waning hopes. With immense confidence in his abilities and a sense of humor to enliven us up with, Dr Chhabra brought back the long lost smile on our faces. He assured us that mother would live to be hale and hearty again. And there has been no looking back ever since.
His jovial nature puts all tensions at ease and his reassuring words cure more than 50% of his patients’ ailments. For the rest, you can count on his treatment to work wonders.
True to the oath of Hippocrates that he took at the outset of his medical practice, he has strived to cure my mother. Words would fall short in praising this man and his abilities. Dear Doctor, I would just like to thank you for giving my mother a new lease of life and giving her a chance to smile again. As long as doctors like you are around, miracles will happen again, and again.

Mrs. Geeta Shah
My name is Ural Shah and our entire family was shaken up when one fine day in January 2010 my mother-in-law Mrs. Geeta Shah started bleeding and the gynaecologist diagnosed her with cancer.She told us to go for an opinion with a good oncologist. Our search landed us with Dr. Deepak Chhabra.Consulting him was the best thing

we could have ever done that put my mother on the road of recovery…..
When we walked towards the hospital we were dead scared of outcomes but meeting Dr. Deepak Chhabra settled our anxious nerves. He has an amazingly personality and his body language suggested sheer confidence in all that he spoke. He patiently listened to all our anxious questions and explained in detail the further course of her treatment. His positive attitude rubbed on us and gave us a renewed hope.
My mother-in-law, who weighed 120 kg, was up and about in no time after the surgery and we were really surprised by the smoothness of the events after the surgery. Scientific advancements in medicines and technology have definitely made many types of cancers curable today, but that has to be complimented by having a good doctor. Here, we were extremely lucky to be in the safe hands of Dr. Deepak Chhabra. His expertise and skills in the field are second to none. More importantly, he is a good natured human being with a genuine caring heart.
Our happiness was only double when we were informed by Dr. Chhabra that she had a stage I disease and did not need any further treatment.
A year now and everything is just as it was before the surgery. Today, my mother in law is living a normal healthy life.
Our whole family is grateful to Dr. Deepak Chhabra.

A Heartfelt Testimonial
For 67years I've led a very healthy life and thank the "Almighty" for it. However as I said all good things come to an end some time and so be it. Out of the blues was detected the dreadful illness "C" which had shown no signs or symptoms whatsoever..... Time had now come for me to choose a very efficient Oncologist for my treatment.

There were few that we had heard about and my daughter suggested we should see Dr. Deepak Chhabra, since she had met him on a few occasions earlier and had been very impressed by his manner towards troubled patients. Immediate appointment and consultation was done.
I felt slightly nervous but Dr. Chhabra made me feel very comfortable and patiently heard me through and answered all my queries satisfactorily. His explanation was very detailed and helped us understand the importance of the case. I felt very satisfied and my fears were put to ease.
He spoke very casually about the modern treatment and its good results which gave a real boost to my confidence. I had made my decision at that very moment and there was no thought of taking a second opinion The needful details were worked out and my operation was fixed.
I lay on the table feeling very confident, fearless and strong as I knew for sure that I was in the hands of a very efficient but skillful and confident Doctor more human, caring and understanding what I would be going through in my mind. I fought half my battle by trusting him.
Dr Deepak Chhabbra always had a smile and a friendly attitude towards the patient which is most encouraging and essential. Within ten days followed the next major operation, as the reports of the previous biopsy were very discouraging. This showed that the removal of the entire left breast was a must and safer for me. This too came as a surprise, but Dr. handled this well explaining the pros and cons of the case and I agreed to undergo the same.
Feeling no fear at all even the 2nd time I came out of it well.
The follow-up was excellent and on one occasion while the dressing was being done a “very soft whisper of an apology was made by him” as the procedure was rather painful but hearing this I knew he was taking utmost care to do it causing less discomfort and pain.
I can vouch for his skillfulness and he has a very light, gentle hand while performing any procedure. During the ten cycles of Chemotherapy, I was able to bear every injection with only a little pain. This is because Dr. Deepak Chhabra had inserted a “port” on the top right side of the breast which was not deep inside the body but quite on the surface.
The nurses of the Hospital would always mention about the excellent position of the “port” and compared it to many others who went through tremendous pain as their “ports” were deeply inserted inside their body. I thank Dr. Chhabra for sparing me much more pain than otherwise.
Another important point observed was that at no point of time in ten months did I hesitate to call up Dr. Chhabra and ask him for his advice which he very readily answered and all doubts were cleared. He guided me well and always assured me of a successful recovery and volunteered to receive my telephone calls any time of the day or night. This was a very touching gesture. His interaction with the patient’s relative’s (special child) was also very encouraging.
I respect his concern as all the good qualities in Dr. Chhabra are worth his praises. This is how a “Doctor” should be. I wish him every success in his future endeavors and thank him for all his help. “May the Lord Almighty” bless him and his family. I pray to God to guide him successfully to serve Mankind and give him good health and a long peaceful life.

Neelu Grover
My mother was diagnosed of colon cancer, and I was recommended to see Dr Deepak Chhabra for consultation. The first impression of Dr Chhabra was… he is so young! But after consulting him we realized his level of experience and there was a sense of confidence he spilt over us.We knew we could trust him.....

She was admitted to Nanavati hospital on 16th August 2010. Dr Chhabra also guided us through admission procedures. Once my mother was settled in her room, Dr Chhabra visited my mother in the night. He pulled up a chair and held my mothers’ hand and asked her Ms Grover, do you know what am I am going to do to you tomorrow?” He very categorically drew a line on her tummy with his pen and explained the surgery process once again in very simple language (though we were told about this earlier as well).
The look in my mother’s eyes said it all and I knew she was no more apprehensive about being operated the next morning. His personal touch, his care and concern and his confidence had already made the surgery a success even before it was done. Half the battle was won. From a tense, worried mother, I saw a confident woman; I saw this transformation in front of my eyes….and I knew I chose the right Surgeon. The surgery took place on 17th August 2010.The surgery was flawless.
I had heard Dr Chhabra is technically a very good surgeon; I would like to add “with a personal touch” She took the surgery well and was guided in for further treatment (adjuvant chemotherapy).
What is also unique and most important is that he keeps the connect ON with the patient even post surgery.
As a general tendency we do take second, third and multiple opinions from doctors to choose the best for our patient and let me confess…..We did that as well! But today I can confidently say that if you have met Dr. Chhabra on the first occasion, you need not go for a second opinion and conversely if Dr. Chhabra is your second opinion, then you can comfortably rely on his expertise.

Nicola Mathias
My mum and I first met Dr Deepak Chhabra about a year ago. She was 71 years at the time and had been diagnosed with a stomach tumour. Mum was inconsolable. She had undergone an angioplasty and stenting about 6 months prior, was on medication for high BP and had a haemoglobin of 5.6.

It was safe to say that she was probably at her weakest both physically and emotionally and was struggling to come to terms with the news of the tumor. All my efforts to convince her that all would be well were in vain. I had spent the better half of the previous night surfing the net try to read every bit of information I could gather on the subject and ended up both confused and disillusioned.
I remember waiting to meet Dr. Deepak feeling anxious and just praying that somehow the Surgeon we were to meet would be able to give mum that little bit of faith and confidence she needed to undergo the required surgery. Dr. Deepak did just that and more. He was friendly and mum was immediately at ease. What struck us most about him was his calmness and simplicity. He explained in simple language and with the help of some diagrams exactly what he was going to do and what we could expect. He patiently answered the numerous question we had, never for a moment letting us feel that any our questions were irrelevant.
As mum’s confidence and attitude to the situation took a positive turn I knew that we had made the right choice and Mum was truly blessed to have Dr Deepak perform her surgery.
The surgery was performed on 17th June 2013. All went well and mum was discharged from the hospital after 10 days with no further treatment required. Through those days while mum struggled to regain her strength, seeing Dr Deepak every morning was something both mum and I looked forward to. He was always cheerful and positive and reassured us daily that she would soon feel better and constantly encouraged her to stay positive.
It has been a year since the surgery and mum has completely recovered and back to her cheerful self. We continue to look forward to meeting Dr. Deepak for follow up visits as it is always a pleasure. As I look back at the year gone by and I see how mum is today I know that my prayers were answered ….
Thank you Dr Deepak for all you have done for mum, for putting the smile back of her face. I wish you success in all your future endeavors and know that you will continue to touch peoples lives and help them be healthy – the way you have done for my mum….. and me.
Much love and blessings.

S. Arora
3rd April 2013, at an age of 68, I had a bloated tummy, a few tests done and I was shattered to hear a diagnosis of advanced stage ovarian cancer that had spread everywhere in my tummy. I never expected that this could happen to me.After another couple of tests the Doctors suggested Chemotherapy.

buthad cautioned that it is not full proof and cannot cure.I had very little hope. That’s when Dr. Deepak Chhabra stepped in for my Surgery. I must admit that he really made me feel at ease and made me feel so comfortable. I was so reluctant for chemotherapy but he put all his efforts to convince me for going through chemo and that he would do a surgery after I complete 3 cycles of chemotherapy.
I bombarded Dr. Chhabra with so many questions which he very patiently gave an answer to. My surgery was performed by him on 8th July 2013 and it lasted for a whole 7 to 8 hours (phew).
My daughter told me later that how he did not even take a minute’s break in between, but was sure to assure my daughter that the surgery was going well by sending his assistants to comfort my daughter time and again. Taking care of such minute details speaks volumes about the Doctor who is so noble and dedicated to his patients.
My all infected organs were removed. After that I was shifted to ICCU, where I was for almost 10 days. But I must give a huge applaud to Dr. Deepak Chhabra for all the post operation care that he took of me. He used to come every single day to make sure how I was progressing. He being such a Big surgeon did not hesitate to do my dressing with his own hands and cheering me whenever I was feeling low.
By his effort, he defied everyone that I would not survive more than 3-4 months. Today I am leading a very normal life and make sure to do regular check-ups with Dr. Deepak Chhabra. He has such a positive attitude that it automatically rubs on you.
How much ever I praise Dr. Chhabra it is less for a surgeon of his caliber. He is so humble, nice human being, down to earth and open to all queries at any time. I feel Blessed that I had him perform the surgery on me. He really made a dying woman like me come back to life and I have every reason to Thank GOD for sending his angel in the form of my surgeon.
I Thank and Bless Dr. Deepak Chhabra from my heart for all his efforts and always treating me as a family member and not as a patient. And last but not least I love you Doctor for giving me a new life.